Your (not really) cloud

A very geeky image! Just for you and “your” cloud.

A brief story: you are migrating/migrated service “X” to cloud based system, calling it “SaaS”, “Baas”, etc. You are paying for “something” and you believe that:

  1. Paying is your prerogative, a right.
  2. You have power, knowledge and capababilities over the techs related to your cloud platform.
  3. You want to have 101% uptime of any service
  4. You don’t want to solve any critical situation (your are paying for this!)

Nope. As any people, you can’t see how affordable is a cloud system (for really), and you believe that IT is only a cost, not a investment. So, power supply, air conditioning, monitoring system, night-at-work-before-working-morning, has higher cost at long term that cloud services?

During my consultant period, i remember a mail service outage, one year ago, for a very big company (about 20.000 people). No mail flow, no attachment, no communication at all, starting from warehouse until Company Board.

Crucial argument is: you like cloud due to marketing, case history, references. You don’t understand cloud system, don’t want to explore all features or take needed-features to extremes.

You behave like a wise businessman, for collaborators and colleagues, ready to show how cool, geek and tech-ready you are.

If COVID-19 never came, you probably have the same ideas:

  • Cloud is a unintelligible s**t
  • Smartworking is a f*****g useless and harmful
  • Your ticket make me crazy

Good job.