IT Department: failure is always an option (according to fashion)

Speaking about IT Department, many people think that those “strange guys” are living between monitors, servers, phones and coding.

Yes, I can admit that many of times, this is a perfect description. But we are not consultant. We are not “certified” for any kind of software, product or similar. Simply, we want to acquire knowledge, we want to improve our skills.

Some times ago, a “certification paper” was a plus, due to courses and exam costs, difficulties, really and monitored exam task. Starting from 6-8 years ago, system integrators can overcome this problem with simple partnerships, agreements and business ties.

Few people consider the enormous amount of IT-Business-Marketing activities carried out, especially in the last period, between the lock-down and the recovery phase; the mobile market has significantly increased, leaving aside the consequent smart-working; the “cloud”, whatever you think it is, has been inexorably projected towards becoming, where anyone can always be connected for activity recovery, on the move or in the office.
An undeniable advantage, since where structure and competence dominate, problems, alibis and delays disappear.

Speaking of alibis and problems, we can give the usual excuses: system blocks, slowdown of the vpn, email that has not arrived or cannot be sent, inadequate reporting structure, lack of ROI for poor quality service provided.

Nobody thinks about how critical these services are. In 2020, email has almost become an instant messaging tool; we can thank Teams, Skype, etc… for avoiding this. Phone services, projected from the end of 2010 in VoIP delivery, was essential for every area, both for the static nature of the office and for mobility, with unlikely apps that contribute to the lower limit of the climb to functionality, aesthetics and practicality.

Those who, in their own sphere of work, have never had to deal with these problems, assuming that they are not simply heating the chair, completely ignores the reason: they are really supported by a team of skilled people, open to novelties if they indicate innovation and professional. The great concept of professionalism, where it is needed, often fails. We see it in the bartender who does not greet us and does not deserve a nod at the entrance to a bar, a waiter who continues to ignore us, a supplier who does not respond to reminders, a customer who turns a deaf ear to non-payment.

Yet there are people who still remain anchored to the concept of “service”, as if it depended in the first person not on their job position, but on their person. It is a substantial difference, and I believe that the basic idea of ​​being able to provide an efficient and effective service is the basis of any job.

Several years ago, someone told me that the best approach to working as IT Specialist was to consider oneself almost a separate company, even a shop, where anyone who comes up for a problem or a request is to be compared to a “customer “. This approach has an advantage: all input received scales to an almost personal level.
Those who work with this method put people before problems, and are able to conceive what turns out to be the best solution even before starting to work. Considering customer colleagues has as a consequence the ability to organize the entire business sector at fixed deadlines. The basic idea of ​​”being a company that provides services” allows for personal and professional development that is often not recognized.

Where the IT department works, the merit is not just the team, the manager or the salaries; the strong professional conformation, open curiosity, the desire to improve and learn more and more has the only consequence of growth, development, becoming a small internal “excellence”, able to remove that “background noise” that allows an alibi , boredom, loss of business know-how.

Then there are the others, those who wait for 5.30 pm to go out and who punctually at the same time every day, for about two years, restart the mail server and the pbx because “sometimes they get stuck.”