Digital Transformation: do or die

During the COVID-19 lockdown, and also now, i’ve discovered a very intense “social background noise”.
All business men instantly know that they are not only pro, but also “strategic advisor”, “business angel (not related to crown-founding)”, “illuminated enterpreneur”. It makes me smile, a little bit.

For the most of the italian companies, expecially in the north of Italy, business is related to manufacturing and operations. Literally, you sell what you make.
In March 2020, this proposition has failed; we can point our attention to COVID-19, China, England, Germany. But we are not focusing the problem.

Italian company lives with a very high money exchange rate, for services or for hardware. About this, starting from March, every operations task become almost impossible, due to smart working, lockdown (customer but also supplier), etc…
So we can think that the problem is smart working; not so easy. In italy, we have always worked without smart working or similar benefits; a very low number of company permit this, before 2020. Sometimes for fear that employees would not work (terrifying!), other times because smart working is not so effective (yes, always an opinion!).

We forgot one think: that we need to gain and mantain control over our assets.
Employees are assets, infrastructure (office, coffè machine, etc…) are assets too; every single piece of “Company” is a little piece of asset. You have paid for this, and you MUST take benefit of this.

Extreme Digital Transformation involves any assets, making approval processes easier, manufacturing task faster, check over any milestone mandatory. On the other side, we will find a territorialy control, cross any department, person and object.
The D.T. will be a future operations and manufacturing, but we are starting implementing it not for real choice (remember this?) but for needs; no vision nor mission, only a very big buzz-words.

This is not digital transformation. This is a “fight or die” moment, advertise as one the most important period of our technologic evolution.